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Archivio mensile Aprile 2021

AI and Healthcare

NEW PUBLICATION – Artificial intelligence and healthcare: Forecasting of medical bookings through multi-source time-series fusion is the title of the article published by M.O.D.A.L. on Information Fusion, Elsevier.

This paper presents and discusses a multi-source time series fusion and forecasting framework relying on Deep Learning. By combining weather, air-quality and medical bookings time series through a feature compression stage which preserves temporal patterns, the prediction is provided through a flexible ensemble technique based on machine learning models and a hybrid neural network. The proposed system is able to predict the number of bookings related to a specific medical examination for a 7-days horizon period. To assess the proposed approach’s effectiveness, we rely on time series extracted from a real dataset of administrative e-health records provided by the Campania Region health department, in Italy.

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